Use Carpet Squares to Create a Patchwork Rug for Your Child's Playroom

Carpet squares are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors and patterns. The following steps will teach you how to create a patchwork rug with carpet squares to place in your child's playroom for an attractive and comfortable area to play.

Use the Following Materials

  • measuring tape
  • carpet squares
  • masking tape
  • carpet adhesive
  • scissors
  • rug pad

Lay Out the Pattern

Measure the length and width of the section in the playroom that you would like to cover with a patchwork rug. Multiply these two measurements to come up with the square footage. You can provide this information to a sales associate when you purchase the carpet squares so that you buy enough to complete the project. When shopping for the carpet squares, consider the furniture and decorations in the playroom so that you select patterns and colors that match well.

After purchasing the carpet squares, lay them out across the floor and arrange them until you are satisfied with how they look. Temporarily, secure the squares together by placing a piece of masking tape across the bottom seams of the adjoining pieces.

Secure the Carpet Squares

Turn the carpet squares over so that the bottom sides are facing upwards. Cut strips of carpet adhesive that are the same length as the sides of the carpet squares. Press each piece firmly across the edges of the pieces that are being connected, covering the seams completely. Make sure that the pieces of adhesive are lined up evenly so that half of the tape is on each square that is being attached to another one. Remove the pieces of masking tape as you secure the carpet squares with the adhesive.

Place the Patchwork Rug in the Playroom

Clean the floor in the playroom. Lay a rug pad on the area that is going to be covered by the patchwork rug. The pad will hold the rug in place so that it doesn't shift or bunch up when weight is placed on it. Rug pads are made out of durable materials that are designed to protect flooring from scratches, as well. Lay the patchwork rug directly on top of the rug pad. Your child's playroom will look attractive and kid-friendly with the new floor covering.

Maintain the patchwork rug in the future be vacuuming it and cleaning it with a product that is designed to remove stains on carpeting. As long as you continue to care for the rug, it will last for years and provide your child with a comfortable area to play. For assistance or to get squares of carpeting, contact a professional like