Flooring Options For Those With Children And Pets

Families with pets and children know just how dirty floors can get. It can be hard to find the best flooring option for families. You will want something that is beautiful, but you will also want something that stands up to the harsh abuse that a family will give it. There are some great flooring options and then there are some that are probably not a good idea for families with pets and children. Below is a list of different flooring options and how they stack up

  1. Carpet. Carpet can be one of the most comfortable flooring options available. It is soft and great for children when they need a place to play. Certain brands and textiles of carpet and carpet padding are stronger and more durable than others, and choosing the right one can ensure that it lasts longer. However, carpet is also hard to clean. If a pet goes to the bathroom on the carpet or a child spills food, it can be hard to remove stains and odors as the substances can get deep into the carpet fibers. If your children have allergies and asthma, carpeting may not be the best option since it can trap allergens and dander more easily than other flooring types. 

  2. Hardwood. There is light and dark wood, distressed and smooth options, and different kinds of wood materials. Some of these options hold up better to families while other do not. For example, when you are choosing a hardwood flooring option for your family, you will want an option that is more distressed looking. If a dog scratches the floor or if a child chips the floor when dropping a heavy item, the damage will be less noticeable. Lighter hardwood floors are also a great option because they do not show dirt, lint, and other debris. Dark wood, although beautiful, will show everything that is dropped onto the floor.

  3. Tiling. Tile can be another great option for families. The right kind of tile will be stain resistant, will not break or chip easily, and can look great. However, tile can also be cold and not a place where children or pets want to spend time. It is great for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas that need to stand up to families; but, it may not be the best option for family rooms or places where children and pets will play or lounge.

Each of these flooring options has some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to holding its own against a busy family. By understanding these advantages and disadvantages, you can better choose a flooring option. Talk with a place like Flooring & Cabinet Outlet to see what kind of flooring would work best for you and your family's needs.