Causes Of Odors In Carpet

Many things can cause bad odors in your carpet. However, there are certain steps you can take to prevent or control them. You can keep your home's decor beautiful and be sure your carpets remain clean and healthy for you and your family. Carpets tend to hold and attract dirt and moisture and must be cleaned, brushed, and vacuumed regularly to prevent a build-up of odors.

Musty Smells

You have to be careful of moisture including leakages, flooding, or simple water spills. If you have a pet, it is particularly essential to keep the carpets free of moisture that can cause mold and mildew. The key is to clean the area quickly, because the longer you wait, the more difficult the task will become.

Cigarette Smoke

Carpets attract cigarette smoke, and the home's occupants may not be able to smell the odor produced. Unfortunately, visitors will smell the stench as soon as they enter the home. If the damage is extensive, it may require the carpet to be replaced. It is essential to clean the carpets regularly if you have smokers in the home. Better yet, ask the smoker to go outside so the home will not become offensive to others.

Pet Odor

If you have a pet, odors will be produced from the pet living on the floor. It may also have accidents and use the carpet for its bathroom. The smell may linger even after the carpet has been cleaned. This is because of the bacterial gasses released in the urine. If any of the urine remains in the carpet, it will continue to have an odor. The same is true of vomit and the bacteria released from the pet. You should also vacuum often because of pet dander.

Food and Beverage Spills

Over time, you may not realize how much damage has been done to carpeted areas from beverages and food spilled on the floor. The key is to clean the spill as soon as possible. It is not a good idea to have carpet in kitchen and dining areas because of this issue. You could place area rugs in targeted areas to eliminate some of the problem. However, you must also be diligent and remove it before damage occurs under the top rug.

Some odors are easy to detect, but others may be lingering causing damage. Odors can also come from people with stinky feet walking around the home.  The key element is to begin with regular cleanings in carpeted areas. Begin with the use of area rugs where possible to attract some of the dirt and debris tracked into the home. If you have pets, it may require more vacuuming to eliminate the pet dander, but it will save your home from offensive odors.