3 Tips For Keeping Your Hardwood Flooring Looking Great

When you spend the money to have hardwood flooring installed in your home, you want to make sure that it is going to keep its beauty for as long as possible. This article will discuss 3 tips for keeping your hardwood flooring looking great.

Remove Excess Water Immediately 

If you notice that there is sitting water on your hardwood floor, you are going to want to make sure that you remove it immediately. This may be from a water spill, water coming in from your windows when it is raining, or mopping with too much water. In any case, if the water is left on your floor too long, it can cause the wood to bubble up and warp, making it stick out from the rest of your floor and potentially making it so that you have to entirely replace this portion of your floor, which can get very costly. Cleaning up this water with a simple towel is sufficient, but just make sure that you remove it all. 

Use Floor Mats And Rugs

Another great way to protect your hardwood floors and keep them looking great is to use floor mats and rugs. You can place the floor mats and rugs at the entry ways to your home where the wood is located, down your halls, in front of your sinks, or in any other location where there is a high amount of traffic. These make it so that people entering your home will step on a rug or mat and remove their shoes before they touch your hardwood floors. The rugs and mats will also do a great job of catching the extra dirt, dust, and other debris that would otherwise be on your hardwood floors. 

Use A Dust Mop Or Vacuum Regularly

Taking a small amount of time each day to run the dust mop across your floor, or to vacuum it using wood-safe vacuum extensions or a hardwood floor vacuum is an excellent idea. Doing this is not only going to help your floors to look visibly cleaner, but it also does a great job of removing dirt, debris, and other items from your floor that could potentially scratch it, stick to it, or otherwise damage it. Also make sure that you use a dust mop or a vacuum on your hardwood floors before you mop them because this will stop you from accidentally spreading these things around your floor and potentially damaging them.