The Tuscan Toilette In Travertine: Making This Bathroom A Reality

In Tuscany, you can transform a basic bathroom into one made from the travertine stone found all around that area of Italy. The results are quite stunning, and very authentic to the region. If you want to recreate the look of a Tuscan toilette (pronounced TWAH-lett) in travertine, here is how you can make this bathroom a reality in your own home.

The Travertine Tiles

Buy nothing but authentic Italian travertine tiles. These tiles are cut and chiseled from the travertine steppes found near Tuscan hot water springs. Each tile will fill a space on your bathroom floor. You can leave the tiles rough, as they will exfoliate your feet, or you can have them polished smooth but retain their grainy texture. 

The Travertine Toilet

Large chunks of travertine rock are chiseled out of nature. Then the chunks are carved into toilets, ground smooth on the outside and in, and installed in place of your current porcelain toilet. The interiors of the toilet bowls are coated thoroughly to make the surface of the inner bowl quite smooth. This allows waste and toilet paper to exit the bowl while still providing you with an authentic travertine stone latrine.

The Travertine Vanity Top and Sink Bowl

Likewise, you can get a travertine vanity top and sink bowl unit. Similar measures are taken to cut the vanity and bowl(s) unit from travertine rock and polish the top and bowl(s) smooth. It is installed over the top of a Tuscan-style sink cupboard with lovely Tuscan carvings in the woodwork of the cupboard. Add some Tuscan-inspired faucets and handles, and you have the makings of a very Italian bathroom.

Use Tuscan Tiles in the Shower Too

Tuscan travertine tiles may also be installed as wall tiles. You can place them in a stand-alone shower stall, or along the walls of a bathtub and shower combo unit. For an added decorative touch, leave some of the tiles rough, and some smooth to create visual interest.

Talk to Your Flooring Expert

Tuscan travertine floor tiles are a special request. These tiles are imported from two travertine quarries in central Italy. There may be some inventory of such tiles present in the U.S., but your flooring expert may need time to track them down. Otherwise, the tiles will have to be special-ordered, and it will take a few months to get them. If you want a specific color of Tuscan travertine tile, such as orange or cream, that will take longer.