Four Benefits Of Waterproof Carpeting

Waterproof carpeting? Is it for real? As a parent and/or pet owner, you want so very much to have that nice, soft carpet feel underfoot, but most carpeting does not have the ability to resist stains, soil accumulation, and odors. Carpet manufacturers have been trying for years to produce this type of carpeting, but with limited success. Now that there really is an actual waterproof carpeting product, you might be wondering how it works, and what all of its benefits are.

Starting with Low Pile

It should not surprise you that waterproof carpet is low pile. Medium- or high-pile carpet fibers are too loose, too dense/heavy, and too open to dirt and liquids. To get the perfect resistance, the carpet fibers are woven tightly, and looped back in on themselves. All of the fibers have been pretreated with a chemical agent that forces liquids to sit on top of the carpet. Nothing sinks in. Still, for best resistance, you probably should not leave spilled fruit punch on the carpet for an entire day just to test the carpet's ability to resist the liquid. As for a benefit, low pile carpet is really easy to vacuum and none of the fibers clog up your vacuum.

Waterproof Backing Too

Along with producing carpet fibers that resist liquids and soiling, the manufacturers took it a step further. They backed this type of flooring material with waterproof backing. If something were to get underneath the carpet instead of on top, the waterproof backing stops the liquid from soaking the underside of the carpet. The bonus is that mold and mildew cannot grow in the carpet, the pad, or the backing because they cannot get wet or trap food bits.

It Resists A LOT of Water

You are still probably wondering just how much liquid can the carpeting withstand. Not surprisingly, most consumers have that same question. Of course, most consumers would not know how to go about testing the efficacy of the waterproofing.

Thankfully, you do not have to, as some people have already figured that out and tried it, such as this one pool builder, who used waterproof carpeting as a pool liner to test how waterproof is waterproof. The only thing required of you for "cleanup" is to blot the whole thing gently until a liquid is fully absorbed by the towel or paper towel. The end result is carpeting that is not even the least bit damp.

No Yucky Carpet Odors

If you were to get down close to your carpeting and sniff around, you would probably and utterly insult your own nose. That is because old carpeting that has soaked up this and that retains liquids and microscopic solids that decay over time. As the decay process continues, your carpet emits all of those funky odors. If you were to rip out all of your old carpeting and toss it to the curb today, you could re-enter your home tomorrow and discover that your home does not smell the same. That is because you tossed out all of those odors and decaying organic material with the carpeting. 

If you replace that old carpet with waterproof carpet, your home will never smell like that again. Because of the patented chemicals and the way that the carpeting is constructed, nothing organic, liquid or solid, stays behind on the surface or underneath the carpeting. (Not even muddy boots and shoes can mess it up.) With nothing left behind, nothing decays, rots, creates mold or mildew, and cannot create all of the funky odors associated with your old carpeting. Instead, your house smells cleaner and fresher than before. For more information, contact companies like Brothers  Floor Covering.