This Is Why Your Store's Flooring Has Become Uneven

Flooring that is nice and neat makes a commercial establishment look really good, but it can become dangerous to walk on if the flooring starts to lift up at the corners. Whether you have tiles, laminate boards, hardwood planks, or another type of flooring, knowing what can cause the corners to lift up lets you stop problems from progressing too far once they start.

Warping Due to Water/Moisture

Ceiling leaks, drippy condensation from water bottles, and humidity can all contribute to warping of flooring, particularly laminate flooring. While there are water-resistant types of laminate meant for kitchens and bathrooms, your typical laminate for hallways and offices (or showrooms and so on) isn't going to have that protection. Clean up all spills and have your building's HVAC fixed up so that the ventilation and dehumidification is adequate for your flooring.

You Didn't Let It Settle

Much like letting new caulking cure before you use a shower, you have to let flooring settle before you walk on it. The settling ensures that all adhesives and stains are dry, which helps strengthen the flooring against the weight of people walking all over it.

Uneven Subflooring

The subflooring underneath the laminate, tile, or other material needs to be even. If there are low points or bumpy spots, those are going to allow the flooring to bend ever so slightly. You might not really feel it, but the continued pressure will eventually cause the flooring to warp and the edges to lift up. To fix this, you will have to remove part of the flooring and fix the subfloor first before adding new flooring.

Bored Kids

No, really. Do you have a lot of customers who bring young kids in, like to a bookstore? Those kids could be getting kind of bored (yes, even in the children's section) and picking at the corners of tiles. It's not deliberate vandalism; the kids just want something to do, and they end up picking at tiles the same way they might pick at grass blades outside. Keep an eye on the different sections for a while. If you do see this happening, ask the parents to please keep their kids from scraping away as it has caused damage in the past. Most parents will oblige.

If flooring has lifted up in your commercial building, have the place inspected if you don't already know the exact cause. Knowing what the flooring is susceptible to allows you to prevent further problems. Contact a company like All Good Contract, LLC for more information.