This Is Why Your Store's Flooring Has Become Uneven

Flooring that is nice and neat makes a commercial establishment look really good, but it can become dangerous to walk on if the flooring starts to lift up at the corners. Whether you have tiles, laminate boards, hardwood planks, or another type of flooring, knowing what can cause the corners to lift up lets you stop problems from progressing too far once they start. Warping Due to Water/Moisture Ceiling leaks, drippy condensation from water bottles, and humidity can all contribute to warping of flooring, particularly laminate flooring.

Remodeling A Desert Home? 3 Tips For Picking Out The Right Tile Flooring

After purchasing a home that's located in a desert climate, you may be stumped on what kinds of changes you can make so that the home feels more comfortable and easier to manage. If you've decided to replace the flooring and you're interest in choosing tile flooring, there are several things that you should look for to ensure that the tile flooring will stay in great shape and that it's going to be a good fit for your home.

Four Benefits Of Waterproof Carpeting

Waterproof carpeting? Is it for real? As a parent and/or pet owner, you want so very much to have that nice, soft carpet feel underfoot, but most carpeting does not have the ability to resist stains, soil accumulation, and odors. Carpet manufacturers have been trying for years to produce this type of carpeting, but with limited success. Now that there really is an actual waterproof carpeting product, you might be wondering how it works, and what all of its benefits are.

The Tuscan Toilette In Travertine: Making This Bathroom A Reality

In Tuscany, you can transform a basic bathroom into one made from the travertine stone found all around that area of Italy. The results are quite stunning, and very authentic to the region. If you want to recreate the look of a Tuscan toilette (pronounced TWAH-lett) in travertine, here is how you can make this bathroom a reality in your own home. The Travertine Tiles Buy nothing but authentic Italian travertine tiles.